Laughing Man Factorial 0.1

Laughing Man Factorial is the paranormal evil twin of Laughing Man.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Laughing Man Team
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Laughing Man Factorial is the paranormal evil twin of Laughing Man. Factorial also has an unexplained superiority complex, almost exponential you might say, over the original Laughing Man which we will hence forth refer to as Junior for appeasement of currently unwarranted hoity-toity.

Like Junior it is an application for monitoring webpage changes, however it does so using the Objective-C/Cocoa framework as opposed to Java, and leverages Core Data, bindings, and value transformers to produce a smaller code footprint. Less fluff and more meat I say, more meat and less fluff.

Factorial is in a experimental state, it is not recommended that current users of Junior switch completely to this version. You can safely import your data and tinker with Factorial, but it is recommended that any data that you want to remain consistent, be done through old stable Junior.

Factorial may not be forgiving on data when upgrading from one version to the next for the next several releases, hence the adjectives paranormal and evil in the preface.

Junior Equivalent functionality

Splitbar position saved on shutdown
Categories display like junior

New Features

Drag and drop funtionality greatly enhanced
supports dragging to and from Safari and OmniWeb
Change log embedded into application and available through menu.

What's New in This Release:

This release fixes several bugs, and provides several feature enhancements, bringing the Factorial branch almost up to par with the original Laughing Man.
Most notably, a nasty Java to Objective-C, Date to NSDate porting bug in the beta was fixed.
The beta was usable, but users had to wait a little under 3 years for each site refresh.
This issue has been fixed in 0.1, but you must reset your data if you used the beta.

Last updated on November 27th, 2005

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