LX/LuelinX 1.0 RC2

LX is a community-driven Web site program in which users can share links.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
LX is a community-driven Web site program in which users can share links, post on forums, send private messages to one another, and more.

LX is written with performance, security, standards, and usability in mind.


Apache - 2.0 recommended (current version is 2.0.55 as of writing), probably works with 1.3, don't know if it works well with other servers, so let me know if you succeed with other servers.
PHP 5 - Although the PHP 5 usage in the source is relatively small at the moment, you can expect that in the future, more PHP 5 OOP usage will be prominent, especially in my ADOdb Lite v2. Current version is 5.0.5 as of writing, so use that.
MySQL - 4.1 required. Current version is 5.0.15 as of writing.


1. Create a database, name it however you like and let whomever you desire have access to it. Note that in order to access and use the database later on, the account accessing it must have SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, and REPLACE permissions for that database.
2. Upload the provided dbstructure.sql file to create the necessary tables.
3. Modify lib/config.ini.php to suit your preferences. If you are not going to use symlinks for anything, make sure to delete those lines and to uncomment (i.e. remove the leading semicolon) the remaining lines that contain file names.
4. Create your first account by INSERTing a new row in the userinfo table. Passwords are MD5'd. An example query is as follows: INSERT INTO userinfo SET username='Your User Name', 'password'=MD5('your password, case sensitive of course'), 'mod'=2064383, timecreated=UNIX_TIMESTAMP()
5. Create your first board group via the forumgroups table. Example: INSERT INTO forumgroups SET groupname='Main', groupid=1, mainlist=1
6. Create your first board via the forumboards table. Example: INSERT INTO forumboards SET boardnum=42, groupid=1, tokens=-1, boardname='Social', boarddesc='Where we all go to post.'
7. Log in with your username and password.
8. Tell others about your site and be prepared to confirm account requests as there's no option to otherwise allow public registration.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed topic tagging issue with old tagging style (i.e. without a symlink).
Fixed odd autoincrement values in default dbstructure.sql file.

Last updated on February 20th, 2006

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