Kukkaisvoima 12

A lightweight weblog system

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What's new in Kukkaisvoima 11:

  • More search related functionality this time. Version 11 adds comment search. Now the search results display also strings from inside comments and comment authors.
  • There is also option to show only first paragraph of the blog entry when browsing the main page. This option will be dictated by entrysummary variable that is False on default. So to get the summary working change the value to True.
  • Other fixes include couple of small bug fixes. It was quite nice to notice that some of these fixed were contributed by someone else than me. Fun to know that Kukkaisvoima is used. I left the RSS links (discussed here) out of version 11, but I will integrate those in the next release, sorry for that.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Kukkaisvoima team
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Kukkaisvoima is a lightweight weblog system licensed under GNU GPL version 2. The project is made with Python programming language.

It stores all blog entries as plain text files so you can easily write and edit those with your favorite editor. Motivation for Kukkaisvoima was to do simple everything in one package weblog with Python.

Install instructions:

After downloading the latest version of Kukkaisvoima. Move the package to your webdirectory and do the following steps:

tar xvfz kukkaisvoima-(versionnumber).tar.gz
cd kukkaisvoima-(versionnumber)
chmod +x index.cgi
mkdir temp

You may need to modify the index.cgi script suffix (change .cgi to .py) or use different permissions for the index.cgi script or for the temp directory. Temp directory should be writable by the script. For more information and help consult your webserver manual or local Python/Unix guru.

Configuring and using:

Edit the Config variables found in kukkaisvoima_settings.py. After configuring you can write blog entries as html formatted text files in directory specified in config file. Kukkaisvoima will generate the blog from these entries. Every entry must be in the format of


For example:


As seen in the example entry can have multiple categories separeted with comma.

Last updated on January 16th, 2012

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