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A free and cross-platform editor for dynamic languages based on the award-winning Komodo IDE.




Komodo Edit is a free, fast, cross-platform and multi-language graphical application, a source code editor for dynamic languages, based on the award-winning and commercial Komodo IDE software.

Komodo Edit supports Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby and Tcl dynamic languages, as well as editing of browser-side code, including JavaScript, HTML, XML and CSS.

Among its powerful features, we can mention code folding, split view editing, block/column editing, syntax highlighting and checking, variable highlighting, go to definition, key bindings, autocomplete, CallTips, soft characters, matching braces, snippets, macros, intuitive workflow, minimap, and support for third party libraries.

Komodo Edit is a platform-independent application that supports Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
Last updated on November 21st, 2013
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