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Kasai is a 100% Java based authentication and authorization framework.




Kasai is a 100% Java based authentication and authorization framework. It allows you to integrate into your application a granular, complete and manageable permission scheme. Kasai project's goal is to provide a simple-to-use-yet-powerful security environment for multi-user applications. Unlike JAAS, Kasai provides a much higher security abstraction, it’s targeted at the specific security requirements that arise in real-life applications such as Intranets, ERPs, CRMs, document managers, accounting systems, etc.

From the authorization point of view, Kasai lets you:

· Manage your users, groups and entities (over which you can later on define authorizations).
· Define a fine-grained permission hierarchy and group them into roles (ie: administrators, power-users, users, etc.).
· Associate a user or group with an entity, by assigning the pair a role (thus giving the user/group a set of privileges over that entity).

From the authentication point of view, Kasai lets you:

· Authenticate your users with existing credential repositories.
· Use the provided authentication mechanisms (NT, Unix via PAM, DBMS) or develop your own through a very simple plugin architecture.
· Additionally, Kasai includes a very powerful and performing auditing system that records all users activity on a relational database. This components can be re-used to build complete and solid auditing capabilities into your applications.

Kasai is provided as a Java library (JAR file) and can be used through a simple API. The next major release will include a web service version to access the authorization and authentication services through SOAP from disparate platforms. Kasai is licensed under the LGPL so you can use it both in commercial and open-source projects.

What's New in This Release:

· Complete support for user and group custom attributes
· SQL Server support
· PostgreSQL support
· Web based administrative interface, including user, group and role management, and audit queries
· Added Jasypt for RDBMSAuthService password hashing, updated Config.properties parameters related to this. Now we support "strong", "basic", and "cleartext" password hashing.
· NOTE: This implies that existing password tables are no longer supported, you need to re-issue passwords for all your users, blank them, or migrate them. An automated procedure will be included in v2.0.0 final.
· Added customizable password validators
· Implemented LengthPasswordValidator, DifferentCharactersPasswordValidator
· Fixed mysql database creation script to use TinyInt instead of Bit
· Added overwritepasswords.sql script to ease migration from 1.x to 2.0
· Fixed bug: Blocked superusers were allowed for all operatives, now they work just as normal blocked users (denied all operatives)
· Removed iBatis JARs, no longer needed
Last updated on September 25th, 2007

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