JotScale 0.1

Realtime interactive web applications that scale endlessly without pain.
The JotScale project is about making it easy to write realtime interactive web applications that scale endlessly without pain. Applications range from realtime web events with 100,000 or more participants, to massively multiplayer games, to realtime auctions, to social websites where many of the participants have thousands or 10s of thousands of watchers that are all expecting realtime updates.

JotScale doesn’t require contortions to handle growth but just the simple addition of commodity servers. JotScale doesn’t require months of preparation for disaster recovery but instead needs nothing more than additional sites with more commodity servers.

Users today expect more immediacy in the web sites they frequent. They expect things to happen as fast as they click. For example:

 * Micro-blog users expect that their blog entries will immediately propagate to all subscribing users.
 * Market watchers expect stock market quotes to be delivered in realtime, with zero delays.
 * Sellers expect to add items to classified or auction sites and have their items instantly searchable.
 * Viewers of a live-time blog for a popular event expect to get frequent, uninterrupted updates in realtime.

Unfortunately, users' expectations such as these are rarely met today -- largely due to the antiquated architecture on which most web sites are built.

Users' expectation can be met, but it won't happen using the web's existing architecture. Next-generation web sites require a next-generation architecture...and that is precisely what JotScale delivers.

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September 25th, 2008, 12:30 GMT
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AGPL (Affero General Public License) 
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