Jonah 0.1

Jonah provides a RSS Headline parser.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Chuck Hagenbuch
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Jonah provides a RSS Headline parser.

Jonah is a two-part system for displaying headlines on your site. The backend fetches a list of My.Netscape or My.Userland style channel files, caches them locally, and generates a local html representation for each.

The frontend provides an interface for viewing the generated headlines.


· Webserver + PHP + Database
· Horde

What's New in This Release:

· [cjh] Add PDF generation of stories.
· [cjh] Detect charset information from XML prologue as well as the
· Content-Type header (, Bug #4340).
· [jan] Add RSS 2.0 feed generator.
· [jan] Add permalink field for stories.
· [jan] Add URL field to channel configuration for paged story lists.
· [cjh] Deliver RSS feeds in a way that supports USM
· (, Request #2593).
· [cjh] Standardize the date fields for stories with an updated field that is
· always the timestamp that the story was last modified, and a published
· field which is controlled by the author and determines the release date.
· [ben] Better support for MS-SQL.
· [cjh] Use Horde_Block_Layout_View for the My News page.
· [cjh] Add jonah:admin permission (, Bug #2571).
· [cjh] Add internal template type for internal stories (,
· Bug #2571).
· [cjh] Add a block for showing the latest story from an internal channel
· (Roel Gloudemans ).
· [cjh] Initial feeds script now uses Jonah objects to do feed
· creation to avoid sequence problems.
· [jan] Add Dutch translation (Resan Sa-Ardnuam ).
· [cjh] Initial Atom feed support (Bug #1581).
· [jan] Add support for release dates.
· [jan] Show links to internal channels in sidebar menu.
· [jan] Allow comments on stories.
· [jan] Add support for composite channels.
· [jan] Allow to specify an alternative story URL.
· [jan] Track how many times a story was read.
· [jan] Add support for aggregating channels.
· [jon] Add the ability to share stories with friends via email.
· [mdj] newsfeed.php is no longer used, now there is a /delivery/ directory
· offering for now the RSS feed as before and an email delivery.
· [mdj] Added option for HTML composition of stories.
· [cjh] Stocks code has been moved to Juno.
· [cjh] Remove the last weather code from Jonah.
· [cjh] Remove METAR code in favor of the Horde-level METAR block.
· [jan] Add Romanian translation (Eugen Hoanca ).
· [jan] Add Finnish translation (Leena Heino ).
· [cjh] Clean up Jonah_Headlines:: to require fewer special cases.
· [cjh] Move all channel HTML generation over to Horde_Template::
· [cjh] Add an RSS generation class.
· [cjh] Start adding news-authoring capabilities.
· [jan] Add German translation.
· [cjh] Add option of using a DB to store weather stations
· (Ben Scott ).
· [cjh] Add the option to update a channel by executing a script
· (Mario Andres Yepes C ).
· [jan] Add Traditional Chinese translation (Chih-Wei Yeh
· ).
· [cjh] Add a preference for using metric units
· (Tim Gorter ).
· [cjh] Revamp headline management and subscriptions; add multiple sizes
· for each channel, add weather and stock support, and many more
· channels (Eric Rechlin ).
· [cjh] Add a Block system and an experimental portal-like interface.
· [cjh] Add menu to all pages.
· [cjh] Add user preference for which channels to display.
· [cjh] License is the Horde BSD license.
· [cjh] Close a potential problem with register_globals On and $js_onLoad.
· [cjh] Don't redirect from backend.php to any login screen; either
· authentication is there, or we exit().
· [cjh] Use JONAH_TEMPLATES constant for all template paths.
· [cjh] Use $registry->get() for all Registry information.
· [cjh] Update cli-backend.php so that it can actually be useful.
· [cjh] Use Horde admin settings.
· [max] Greatly modernize and update.
· [avsm] Replace $conf['paths'] with the $registry equivalents.
· [cjh] Get rid of package.HTMLDocument.php use.

Last updated on April 12th, 2007

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