Jellybean 0.12

Jellybean is an Object Server written and extensible in Perl.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Chromatic and Jonathan Paulett
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Jellybean is an Object Server written and extensible in Perl. Currently provides HTTP interface. Small and fast enough to run on a desktop machine or a server.

Run the file located in whichever directory into which you unpacked Jellybean. It will prompt you for three things: the path to the perl interpreter, the desired top directory for the Jellybean software, and the hostname of your machine.

The installer will attempt to create this directory if it doesn't already exist,
so assume the necessary privileges. You may wish to modify the permissions on
the new directory, as they are fairly lenient. It will also backup some
important files. If things really really break (and they don't break for us
unless we're messing with the guts trying to improve things), head on over to
conf/backup and grab the backed up files.

If the destination directory already exists, the installer may exit with an
error about files already being present. We have no workaround at the moment,
so for now clean up your own system! :)

IMPORTANT: If you're happy with where you've unpacked Jellybean, run it with
a command line like so:

./ -n

It will run through the configuration but will not move files for you.
Jellybean ships with an administrative login and password combination of
admin/admin. If you're not comfortable with other people rifling around on
your machine, change this with the included md5passwd program.

Provided you've followed the directions in INSTALL, start the server with:

What's New in This Release:

fix printing from default handler in Jellybean::Engine::serve_page()
make Jellybean::FileContainer respect CGI_BIN settings from jellybean.cfg
fix test_markup() in tests/ for XHTML tags
minor cleanup in Jellybean::FileContainer
fixed caching in Jellybean::WikiObj::LatestEdits() and activate()
added docs/Error.pod
skip Content-type headers in CgiExec::_handle_it() (bugfix)
add binmode() in Jellybean::FileContainer::handle_default()
removed duplicate change logging code from Jellybean::WikiObj::_update()
added docs/WikiObj.pod
allow w characters in standard links in Jellybean::WikiObj::_parse_markup()
use valid XHTML in Jellybean::WikiObj (hopefully)
use File::Spec in Jellybean::Docs, minor cleanup
use virtual linewrapping in templates/Wiki/edit.tpl

Last updated on November 21st, 2007

#Object Server #Perl script #Http Interface #Perl #Object #Server #HTTP

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