Jaxed 0.6.0

Jaxed project is a quick, dirty and minimalistic blog system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Thomas Hansen
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Jaxed project is a quick, dirty and minimalistic blog system.

Jaxed is an Open Sourcel (GPL) licensed Blogging System focusing on SEO, lightweight, ease of use and Ajax in the user interface. Jaxed is built using Gaia Ajax Widgets which is a Free (as in Freedom) and Open Source Ajax Library for ASP.NET and Mono. If you wish to download Jaxed then go to the project page at SourceForge.net and download it from there.

Jaxed is created around the motivation of having an extremely easy to install blogging engine that never compromises SEO or reading flow in addition to being highly easy to learn and use for bloggers. It's goal is to be the #1 blogging engine for all bloggers that just needs a minimalistic blogging system which they can setup in less than 10 minutes! It has no database support but saves it's data in XML files on the server for easiness and it has almost zero configuration. It should be easy to modify the skins of for your own needs and it should be a blogging system that fights FOR you and not AGAINST you! Jaxed is the intellectual property of Frost Innovation (the company behind Gaia) but is 100% free in all manners!

Last updated on August 28th, 2007

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