Icy Phoenix

A CMS based on phpBB 2.0.23
Icy Phoenix is an open source CMS (Content Management System), based on the boards system phpBB 2.0.23, mainly developed by Mighty Gorgon atfer he left the Phpbb XS project.

Icy Phoenix is fully customizable, allowing the usage of HTML and precoded blocks. It is also almost XHTML and CSS W3C compilant, and handles multiple templates and languages.

Is Icy Phoenix supported for bugs, security issues, improvements?
Icy Phoenix is an open source project. As like many open source projects it is developed by people using their free time. At the moment there are several persons in the staff willing to help and to contribute to this project. We hope the community will continue to grow and be able to provide all the necessary support to all the users who may need help.

Is Icy Phoenix easy to install and upgrade from other platforms?
Icy Phoenix has its own setup procedure which guides the user through the steps of the setup process. An upgrading file is provided to upgrade the package from standard phpBB and phpBB XS. Hopefully an upgrade procedure from any other platform will be written in the future: at the moment the only way to upgrade from another pre-modded is by downgrading it to phpBB (has been written a procedure for this) and then run the provided upgrade procedure.

Does Icy Phoenix have many templates?
Yes, at the moment there are some free templates (some of them with multicolour variations) and we are working to create new ones. If you are interested in new templates you should regularly check the support forum.

Is Icy Phoenix multi-language?
English is the main language of Icy Phoenix, but it has been translated into other languages (alphabetical order): Catalan, Dutch, Galego, German, Italian, Serbian, Spanish... and more to come! If you don't find your language listed here, please ask at the support forum, maybe someone else is working on the translation you need and you would be welcome to join the translation team to give your contribution.

Will Icy Phoenix be upgraded to phpBB 3?
At the moment there is no plan to upgrade Icy Phoenix to phpBB 3. There are several reasons for this. Of course when phpBB 3 will be out for a while, things may change...

May I join the Icy Phoenix Project?
Of course. Icy Phoenix is an open source project, and anyone who is willing to give his own contribution on a stable basis may then apply to join the Team.

Main features:

  • phpBB bulletin board and permission system
  • CMS features allowing the creation of new pages and blocks (some of the functions are based on the abandoned IM Portal project)
  • Overall template integration among all site sections
  • Many ready to use features: Photo Gallery, Downloads, Knowledge Base, Links, Chat...
  • Multi-language and multi-template ready
  • Almost 100% XHTML and CSS W3C compliant
  • ...and many others...

last updated on:
August 6th, 2009, 13:23 GMT
developed by:
Alvaro Garcia
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Icy Phoenix
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