Hv3 Web Browser Alpha 16

Hv3 (Html Viewer 3) is a minimalist web browser that uses Tkhtml.

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BSD License 
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Dan and Richard
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Hv3 Web BrowserHv3 Web BrowserHv3 Web Browser
Hv3 (Html Viewer 3) is a minimalist web browser that uses Tkhtml. Currently it is at early alpha stage. Please try it out, then report bugs or make suggestions.

Using hv3 and reporting bugs with it and the underlying Tkhtml widget assists Tkhtml development greatly. Suggestions also gratefully received.

Hv3 is not yet as sophisticated as most popular web browsers. Most notably, it does not support either javascript or plugins (although it can run most "tclets" created for the tcl plugin). As well as formatting HTML/CSS documents, hv3 supports FRAMESET documents, tabs, HTML forms and HTTP cookies.

By itself, hv3 can connect to remote servers to retrieve documents specified by http URIs using the built-in Tcl http package. However much better performance can be obtained by installing the custom http proxy program hv3_polipo (also available for download from this site). Once installed, hv3 starts and stops hv3_polipo automatically. See below for installation instructions.


After downloading the starkit and tclkit runtime (files 1 and 2), Linux users must decompress the tclkit runtime, change it's permissions to be executable and execute it with the path of to the starkit as the first argument. For example:

$ gunzip ./tclkit-linux-x86-xft.gz
$ chmod 755 ./tclkit-linux-x86-xft
$ ./tclkit-linux-x86-xft ./hv3_img.kit

What's New in This Release:

This release fixes many of the long-standing performance problems in Hv3.
It also adds support for wrapping CJK text and a brand new bookmarks manager that integrates full-text search.

Last updated on October 9th, 2007

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