Hierarchical Grid Site Managment 0.5

Hierarchical Grid Site Managment is a front-end to the database that keeps information about the grid sites (clusters).

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Dashamir Hoxha
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Hierarchical Grid Site Managment is a front-end to the database that keeps information about the grid sites (clusters), their admins, email and phone contacts, other contact people, site nodes and resources, downtimes etc.

These sites are organized by country and countries are organized by regions. The admins of each site can also update the information about the site.

To summarize the design, the applications supports only one GOC (Grid Operation Center), assuming that it is used for only one grid. It can have several ROCs (Regional Operation Centers), each ROC can have several countries, and each country can have several sites.

Each ROC, country and site can have one (or more) admins, which are able to modify the data of the structure (record) which they admin (ROC, country or site), and to manage substructures as well.

Managing substructures means that they can also validate/appoint the admins of the substructures, e.g. a country admin can validate/appoint the site admins. The admins are recognized automatically by their certificate (without the need to use passwords).

For each structure (ROC, country, site), contact info about it are stored, including email and phone. For the sites, general info about it are stored, contact info, info about its resources and capacities, site contacts, site downtimes, and info about its nodes. For more details see the DB design: hgsm_design.sql.

In the pages where a user has edit rights (in the node where he is admin and in all the subnodes), an Edit button is displayed. Clicking in this button, the page will be displayed in the edit mode, where the fields of information can be modified, the rows of the lists can be edited or deleted, new rows can be added in the lists, etc. The id and the admins of a node can be modified only by an admin of the parent node.

Here are some key features of "Hierarchical Grid Site Managment":

· Has a database with information about a hierarchical structure (GOC-->ROCs-->Countries-->Sites-->Nodes).
· This information is published to the www by a web application.
· Each node of the tree has also one or more admins, which can modify the data of the node which they admin, and also the data of the subnodes.
· The admins of a node can appoint (set/modify/delete) the admins of the subnodes and leave up to them the modification/update of the subnode information (to make their job easier and for decentralization).
· Authentication (recognizing that somebody is admin of a node and has the rights to modify it) is done automatically by the application, using personal certificates, which are issued and verified by a certain certification authority. This means that everybody that is an admin, must have a valid certificate installed in his browser.
· The application also supports i18n and l10n (is multilingual, can be translated into several languages).

What's New in This Release:

· This release includes full internationalization and localization support for Albanian and Croatian.
· It also contains bdii.php?type1+type2+type3 and ldap2mysql.py the scripts.
· Some small improvements and bugfixes were made.

Last updated on February 2nd, 2006

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