Groupy 0.67

Groupy is an open source content management system that allows groups within an organization to share multi-lingual content.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Groupy project is an open source content management system that allows groups within an organization to share multi-lingual content. Groupy provides a unique tool for organizing diverse content types (Articles, News, Files, Images, Events, etc...) in a rich editing environment similar to a wiki. I want Groupy to be great blog, a great file and image gallery, a great on-line calendar, and mailing list manager all with an easy to use consistant interface.

Groupy comes from several years of working with, writing plug-ins and skins for several other content management systems. In particular wordpress, joomla, and mediawiki. I found it odd that in order to set up what I considered a fully functional church website I needed multiple installations of these systems, and that integrating them was extremely painful. I also noticed that there was significant functional overlap present and that in general there could be opportunity for much code sharing. Thus I have undertaken the daunting task to bring them together.

Here are some key features of "Groupy":

Highly extensible plug-in architecture.
Flexible skin system.
All strings fully internationalized.
Infrastructure for multi-language sites.
Organized code base with minimal global functions.
All content types extend a common base class.
Revision history kept for all content.
Text body for all content allows for links to other content.
Ability to email content to subscribed users.
Ability to comment on content

What's New in This Release:

A new Location content type that stores addresses and can show what events occur at a location was added along with an XML import and export system.
You can now import your Wordpress blog into Groupy.
MetaWeblog and Wordpress APIs were implemented.
You can now use blogging tools like scribefire or w.bloggar.
All dates and times recorded in UTC.
A new time zone setting was added.
Media and External Media were re-worked for much more accurate and flexible media handling.
A completed plugin implementation allows Plugins to have configuration forms.
There were many bugfixes and documentation updates.

Last updated on January 15th, 2008

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