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Grails is an open source web-based application framework that complements the Java Web development framework and leverages the Groovy language. It can be used as a standalone development environment designed to hide all configuration details or integrated into your Java business logic.

The project aims to make development as simple as possible and hence should appeal to a wide range of developers not just those from the Java community. Grails is a full stack web application framework engineered in such a way that it provides a stream-lined and v development experience.

Installing Grails might be a difficult task for newcomers

Installing Grails might be a difficult task for newcomers. First of all, you should install the Java SDK (Software Development Kit) 1.5 or higher, then download the latest release using the dedicated download button above.

Save the ZIP archive on your Home directory and use an archive manager utility to extract its contents, which should be outputted into a new folder called “grails-2.4.4” (please note that the version number will change in time). Rename the folder to “grails.”

Make sure that you set your JAVA_HOME environment variable

Then, you must create a GRAILS_HOME environment variable that points to the location of the extracted archive files (e.g. /home/softpedia/grails - replace “softpedia” with your username). Add the location of the “bin” folder from within the “grails” directory to your Java PATH variable (e.g. $GRAILS_HOME/bin).

Make sure that you set your JAVA_HOME environment variable and that the “grails” binary file is executable - if not, run the ‘chmod +x grails’ command in the “bin” folder. Use Grails by running the ‘grails’ command in a terminal emulator window. After all components are loaded, a prompt will notify you that you are ready to use Grails and to enter a script name to run.

Grails was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 29th, 2015
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