Grail 0.6

Grail is an extensible Internet browser written entirely in the interpreted object-oriented programming language Python.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Fred L. Drake, Jr.
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Grail is an extensible Internet browser written entirely in the interpreted object-oriented programming language Python. It runs on Unix, Windows and Macintosh. Grail is easily extended to support new protocols or file formats. Grail is distributed in source form, free of charge, and without warranties. It requires recent versions of Python and Tcl/Tk to run.

Here are some key features of "Grail":

Grail supports full HTML 2.0, including images, forms and imagemaps, and many HTML 3.2 features. It uses asynchronous document transfer, supports printing and saving documents, searching, bookmarks, history, and more. It also supports frames, client-side imagemaps, file upload in forms, support for JPEG, TIFF and XBM images, image printing, and tables (within the limitations of the Tk toolkit). It has preferences panels, an I/O status display, a remote control interface, and many, many other nifty features.


Grail runs on most Unix systems, on Windows NT and 95, and on
Macintosh systems, provided you have enough memory and a fast enough
machine. (For Windows, 32 Meg RAM and 90 MHz Pentium is a reasonable
minimal configuration. For Macintosh, a 40 MHz 68k or any PPC, with

What's New in This Release:

The bookmarks facility now supports exporting parts of the bookmark tree and importing bookmark files into an existing tree. When saving all or part of the tree, an option can be set to remove privacy-sensitive information. This can be very helpful when exchanging bookmark data with others.
The approach used to support new MIME types, both as documents and as embedded objects, has been revised somewhat. The new approach uses fewer directories; the module for each MIME type now contains both the embedding and document APIs (where appropriate).
The text/x-python MIME type is supported as a document type as well as the type of applet code. When presented as a document, Grail will attempt to colorize it as Python source code.
I'll admit it: I've looked at Internet Explorer IE. There's actually one feature that seems to have been unique to IE but which I liked well enough to implement it in Grail: "hovering" over links. This is enabled by default in Grail 0.6; use the Style preference panel to configure or disable it. (It looks best with anchor underlining off and hover underlining on.)
Barry Warsaw's "pynche" color selector is used for color selection in the preference panels.
The title of a link target can be shown instead of the URL if the resource is known (has previously been visited), or if the page author provided the TITLE attribute for the anchor. This can be enabled in the General preferences panel.

Last updated on June 15th, 2006

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