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GobbleRSS is a web-based RSS reader inspired from the previous version of Google Reader.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Guillaume Boudreau
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GobbleRSS is a web-based RSS reader inspired from the previous version of Google Reader.

It was developed as an alternative to Google Reader for people who need to access their RSS articles from home or work, but with the possibility to download unread articles to a PDA.

Since Google Reader doesn't yet have a public API that would allow a PDA to grab the latest unread articles, GobbleRSS was developed to allow PDA sync applications to download a single web page that contains a certain number of unread articles. You can then read those articles on the go.

It also contains a search field to allow you to search past articles, and filters functionality to remove unwanted articles from your reading list. Welcome changes for Google Reader users!

Goggle Reader + Search + PDA sync + Filters = GobbleRSS

How does it work: Basically, it's a MySQL database containing subscriptions (URL to RSS feeds) and articles (downloaded from RSS feeds). Articles are fetched from RSS feeds at regular intervals and saved in MySQL. The reading interface is a simple web page which loads unread articles and marked them as read (in the DB) when you read them.

GobbleRSS is open source (under LGPL license).


· A MySQL database;
· A PHP (4 or 5) host;
· PHP cURL functions enabled (libcurl)
· (Optional) A host that allow .htaccess files and AuthUserFile (password protection) commands.
· (Optional) PHP 5 if you want to publish starred items to ma.gnolia.
· Firefox (or Safari) is strongly recommended; GobbleRSS has never been tested on IE.

Installation Instructions

1. Create the MySQL database and user:

GRANT ALL ON gobblerss.* TO gobblerss_user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'some_password';
Those are examples; all those values can be changed to fit your needs.

2. Edit config.inc.php:

a) URI should point to the URL when GobbleRSS will be available.
b) log_file should point to a log file where logs will be kept. Leave it empty '' if you don't want any log. This file should be editable by the user running the web server (usually apache).
c) mysql_xyz are the information required to connect to your MySQL database.
d) max_articles_per_spider_page is the number of articles that will be shown on the 'spider' page (i.e. the page used for PDA syncing). Ignore if you won't use that.
e) The other options are configuration options for your Starred Articles RSS feed. They should be self-explanatory.

3. Edit .htaccess to fit your needs. I personally allow my home IP to access the website without passwords (Allow from my_ip lines), and I setup a password for when I want to read my RSS feeds from somewhere else. The default .htaccess will only allow and has no password (the password lines are commented out). You'll need to either add another Allow from xyz line with your IP address, or create your own htpasswd and un-comment the appropriate lines.

4. Upload all the files to your web host.

5. Make sure the cache directory is writable by the user running the web server:


chown apache /path/to/gobblerss/cache

Or you can make it world writable (777):


chmod 777 /path/to/gobblerss/cache

You FTP client probably has an option to change file & directories permissions.

6. (Optional) Also make sure the log file your specified in the config.inc.php is writable by the user running the web server:


chown apache /path/to/gobblerss/GobbleRSS.log

7.a) If you have access to cron, create a cron job to call http://your_url_for_gobblerss/ping.php at regular interval (I suggest every 6 hours).


0 */6 * * * curl -s -o /dev/null http://your_url_for_gobblerss/ping.php

You'll need to edit .htaccess and change the first IP you'll find to the IP of your web host. This is the IP that is allowed to call ping.php - you don't want to allow anyone to call the URL!

b) If you don't have access to cron, you can use the GobbleRSS Ping-Service available here: http://ping.gobblerss.pommepause.com/

Simply enter your http://your_url_for_gobblerss in the form on this website, and the Ping-Service will ping your GobbleRSS at regular intervals.

The GobbleRSS Ping-Service should start pinging your installation within 15 minutes after you submitted the web form.

You're all set. Point your browser to http://your_url_for_gobblerss to start using GobbleRSS. The Subscriptions link is probably a good start!

Optionally, if you already use another RSS reader and you want to import your feeds into GobbleRSS, you can use the OPML loader. (Google Reader can export subscriptions in OPML format - in the settings pages I think).

Simply upload the OPML file exported by your RSS reader on your web host, in the same directory as load_opml.php, and load this URL in your browser (change filename.opml to the filename you just uploaded):


What's New in This Release:

· Fix for article scroll not reseted to top when switching articles.

Last updated on January 29th, 2008

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