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GEAS project is a RPG-centric Web portal for moderated group authoring.




GEAS project is a RPG-centric Web portal for moderated group authoring.

GEAS (Group Editing and Authoring System) provides a Web portal for a group of people to work on a set of documents together. It is optimized for RPG communication (campaign background, between-session summaries and details, online gaming) but is useful for any group that needs to manage an evolving collection of shared documents.

It supports multiple forums (i.e. campaigns) managed by moderators (i.e. GMs) with a flexible yet intuitive privileges model that enables users (i.e. players) to safely view, add, and edit content. It is based on a MySQL and Perl backend.

GEAS was started as a joint authoring environment for use by role playing groups that wanted to share materials away from the gaming table. This includes character descriptions, histories, session summaries, maps and scenes that were handled within GEAS rather than at the gaming table.

Since it's inception, GEAS was designed to be as generic as possible, so that it could be adapted to other uses as well. We've found it very handy for coordinating the development of the software, and it's use for organizing genealogical information, such as family histories, has been proposed.

We think it is generally applicable to any scenario where many people can work together to build a web site organized by topics without any technical expertise in web site design or hosting.


MySQL (required)
Perl 5.005 (required)

What's New in This Release:

Lots of code analysis
Tons of testing code
Diffs in email announcements
Bug fixes galore!
Caching overhaul
Apply CAM libraries (Template, EmailTemplate/SMTP)
Validation for user email addresses
Performance testing
Uploaded File overhaul, much better client-side caching
Use GEAS::Template all over the place, simplify templates
New AuthoredData class
Permit the creation of new Theme styles
Opt-in Javascript infrastructure
JS shortcuts on some features
Permit tags in content
Per-campaign GEAS mode, application the rpg mode
Customizable docs url
Improvements to the diff engine, apply to email
Last updated on January 5th, 2007

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