GConnect 1.2

Single sign on for users to the full range of Google Apps

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GConnect - GConnect
GConnect, an Intient software, allows organizations to provide their users a single, secure sign on to the Google Apps suite (e.g Google Mail, Google Calendar or Google Docs)

How GConnect performs single sign on to Google Apps

GConnect utilizes the investment you've already made in any LDAP compliant directory server such as Active Directory to log your users in to Google Apps. Simply put this means your users authenticate locally using the username and password they already know and via GConnect are securely provided access to Google Apps.

No more remote passwords, no more helpdesk calls to reset accounts. GConnect makes life easy for users and saves hours of time for your support desk.

If you have an existing portal for some of your internal web content GConnect can integrate making navigation from content in your portal to Google Apps a smooth, seemless experience.

Still manually provisioning all your users accounts on Google Apps? GConnect can fully automate that process for you as well.

If you have a large Active Directory deployment GConnect supports an even more advanced mode we call true single sign on. Login to your workstation of a morning and automatically access all Google Apps content. There is no need for your users to enter their username and password each time they open a web browser. It works for IE AND Firefox users on Windows with no client side software to install. ( If you're on a Linux desktop you can get true SSO to work on that platform as well we don't discriminate ).

What about POP3/IMAP, mobile phones and other new media needing direct non web based access to Google Apps?. GConnect allows your users to set a special password for these services to interact with Google Apps. Your users simply set the special password, save it in their device and then forget about it, easy and confusion free.

Last updated on May 1st, 2009


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