Fundanemt CMS 2.1.1

Fundanemt is built upon the philosophy that communication is what drives the development and maintenance of a Web site.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Team Fundanemt
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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Fundanemt CMSFundanemt CMSFundanemt CMS
Fundanemt is an open source CMS that aims at small and medium sized websites.

The system is highly focused on usability. The user must be able to interact with his or hers website without no further knowlegde than that of the average MS Windows user.

Fundanemt should bring the user beyond technology so that the prime focus becomes communication and content rather than technical issues.

What's New in This Release:

· 0000434: [fundaNews] [RFE] Display the newest entry on the front page with a link to the archive (qte)
· 0000363: [core] ID replaced with menu items id in menu definitionen (qte)
· 0000440: [core] Quote text format using +qSome text-q (qte)
· 0000457: [core] Can not grant privileges to usernames below 5 characters (chrsen)
· 0000456: [editor] Module insertion assigns to $this (qte)
· 0000252: [core] [RFE] Page accessible through standard URLs even with URL-schema change (qte)
· 0000453: [editor] Default language ignored for new users. (qte)
· 0000451: [editor] Hardcoded danish text in table editor (qte)
· 0000397: [installer] Does not issue warning of too low php version (Ron)
· 0000418: [installer] Installer checks for write permissions twice (Ron)
· 0000447: [editor] Confirmation dialog for deleting element with no title is incorrect (qte)
· 0000445: [file browser] Resizing image with capital file extension caused original image to destroyed (qte)
· 0000419: [core] Accessing template directly does not display a page (qte)
· 0000443: [editor] Previewing hidden pages doesn't work (qte)
· 0000337: [editor] Menu editor should use redirect page instead of containing preview url directly (qte)
· 0000441: [fundaPoll] only an admin can add polls fundaPoll (qte)
· 0000430: [editor] User privileges check fails - resulting in PHP and advanced properties not showing up (qte)
· 0000435: [editor] Shared elements disappear from the Shared-Insert-Dialog after they have been edited (qte)
· 0000415: [core] If URL contains ( and not a matching ) it results in regex error (qte)
· 0000368: [core] Missing full path to fundaLinks/front.php and fundaDB_mysql.class results in open_basedir error (qte)
· 0000355: [editor] "Link to external website" in node properties does not accept internal linkage (qte)
· 0000139: [fundaNews] Module insertion - Author/date should be styled (qte)
· 0000439: [core] XHTML parser added ending / on image tags even if they already included one (qte)

Last updated on August 11th, 2005

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