FunGL 1.1

FunGL provides a Web-based polling application.

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FunGL provides a Web-based polling application.

FunGL is designed to allow anyone to create polls to survey the users of their Web site. The FunGL Software supports pie, row, and column graphs along with the standard percentages for poll results. FunGL can centrally manage many polls from multiple domains and Web pages.

FunGL is a web based survey software that can be used to poll your web sites users opinions on any subject matter. The survey software supports graphical outputs based on a pie chart, row or column. FunGL is designed to add fun functionality to your web site by allowing visitors to vote on survey questions.

Survey Technology: The survey software is written in PHP and uses mysql to store survey data. The survey software also utilizes browsers iframe capability in order to allow the survey to be placed on any web page, while being managed from a central server with the FunGL software installed.

Survey Software Security: The survey software makes a best effort to prevent users to committing vote fraud. That is voting multiple times. However we do not recommend this software to be used to conduct any true scientific experiments, but rather a fun tool to enhance any web page or site.

Survey Use: There are two ways to use the software to put a poll on your web site. The first way is to simply visit and signup for a free account. Because this is an open source project, you are also allowed to download the complete application for free (make sure you see the limited license that comes with the application). Downloading the software will allow you to install the application and create an unlimited number of polls, were as limits the number of polls and or surveys that can be created per user account.

Some Information: There are two main types of users in the Fun GL software. Administrators and end users. Administrators can create an unlimited number of surveys; end users can only create one. However FunGL administrators can alter end users settings to allow them to create multiple projects and or multiple surveys.

Software Updates: Of course we want to have FUN by being the top survey polling software out there. We plan on updating our software frequently. We hope to get a lot of feedback from the open source community to not only make the site a success but also the software distribution itself.

Last updated on April 23rd, 2007

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