Frame2 1.3.1

Frame2 is an alternative to using Struts for web application development.

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The Apache License 
Chad Johnston
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Frame2 is an alternative to using Struts for web application development. Frame2 also supports web services in an MVC context.

Some notes about using Frame2:

In its default configuration (i.e. using the blank web application),
Frame2 may behave strangely for certain actions. These configuration
items are detailed below.

1. Frame2 tag libraries will not work without standard.jar. You will
need to download the latest version of standard.jar from Jakarta, or
use the blank.war web application as a starting point (highly
recommended) in order for Frame2 tag libraries to work correctly.

2. File Uploading is disabled. In order to reduce the download size
and number of required libraries, file upload support is disabled
by default. To enable file upload support, download the latest
version of the Commons FileUpload component from Jakarta. Place the
JAR file into your web application's lib directory. It's that simple.
(Note that trying to submit a multipart form request when this library
is not present will result in a Frame2Exception being thrown. Of
course, your application is configured with an error handler to catch
these, right?)

3. Form validation (using the Commons Validator) is disabled. Once again,
in order to reduce download size and library count, the Commons Validation
component is disabled by default. Events can still be validated by
implementing custom validation methods. To enable Commons Validation
support, download the latest version from Jakarta. Place
commons-validator.jar, commons-digester.jar, commons-beanutils.jar,
and jakarta-oro.jar into your web application's lib directory.

4. Standard Java logging is enabled. By default, Frame2 uses the built in
logging facilities of Java 1.4. If you wish to use log4j, download it and
extract the jars into your web application's lib directory. Edit the web
application's web.xml file to update the type of logger that is being used.


Java 6

What's New in This Release:

Enums are now supported in Events. This relies on the Enum.valueOf() behavior, so the values passed in to the event must be legal values that enum values can be built from. This means that things like case are important.
Input views can now be events. I don’t know why this feature was missing. Frame2 already supported using an event for a cancel view (although the unit test didn’t actually test for that). What does it mean to be able to specify events in addition to forwards for input and cancel views? There may be cases where some data needs to be loaded or verified prior to displaying a JSP page. Sometimes this information can be lost when simply redirecting back to a JSP page. By specifying an event, the developer can be sure that the required data has been loaded before the JSP has been displayed.

Last updated on November 23rd, 2007

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