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Foxkit is a web browser for KDE written using WebKit, Qt, and KDE.




Foxkit is a web browser for KDE written using WebKit, Qt, and KDE.

The initial objective is to implement the basic features found in all the major browsers (tabs, history, cookies, adblock, download manager, etc). Longer term objectives include advanced scripting/plugin support (via Kross/QtScript for scripting, and QPluginLoader for C++ Plugins), session management, as well as tools to monitor exactly what Foxkit is doing (similar to Firebug extension for Firefox).

Foxkit should be easily portable to any platform with a port of WebKit and Qt (optionally KDE4).

To run Foxkit, download the source archive on this page then extract the files using whatever program you like to use. Then on the command line run the following commands:

cd foxkit-0.0.1

cmake .


mkdir ~/.kde4/share/apps/foxkit

cp ./src/foxkitui.rc ~/.kde4/share/apps/foxkit/foxkitui.rc


The name of the folder '.kde4' may vary based on your distro. The required packages are Qt 4.4, QtWebKit (possibly packaged independently depending on the distro), KDELIBS 4, as well as the -devel packages for each. CMake is required to build Foxkit (a few .cmake files are included as older versions of CMake didn't support QtWebKit).

Not recommended for production use, or anywhere near it at this point.


· Qt4
· KDE4
· Cmake
· WebKit

What's New in This Release:

· Cookies are now saved across sessions with a tiny dialog to see what cookies are currently set (but can't edit them yet). Fixed the memory leak from long ago, lots of small fixes and improvements. Added the ability to have multiple top-level windows open at once. Opening new windows/tabs via Javascript is still unimplemented, but other things should work fine. Should handle SSL websites with certificate errors better (i.e. for self-signed certificates), although no notification of using SSL is given yet. Error pages might not function well/at all yet.
Last updated on July 30th, 2008

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