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Flock is the ultimate web browser based on the popular Firefox.






Flock is the ultimate web browser based on the popular Firefox.

Welcome to the Flock Developer Preview, aka the Flock 0.5pre developer snapshot. If you have made it this far, chances are that you are aware of the risks associated with software that is nestled somewhere between the alpha and beta states.

While we are very excited about what we are doing, we want to make sure that you have been fully forewarned that this browser will crash from time to time and that any settings you save in this browser may quite possibly be erased, lost, or overwritten! Please have a backup of your blog posts and your shared bookmarks! Given that, we strongly recommend that you proceed with caution. Still here? Great!

So before you get started, please read through these release notes. This will give you some of the relevant information you will need to get up and running. Also, if you have general questions about Flock, who we are, what we do, and how we get away with it, please check out flock.com. Thanks for your interest in Flock; we hope you enjoy your stay.

Flock Developer Preview includes a number of features and services that make it fun and easy to talk back to the web and organize, share and retrieve interesting web pages.
Last updated on July 1st, 2010
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