Firefox Mobile 15.0

Mozilla Firefox for Maemo

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What's new in Firefox Mobile 9.0 Beta 2:

  • New Look for Tablets: Firefox Beta has a new experience for tablets that leverages the large screen size and makes mobile Web browsing more intuitive. Popular Firefox features like tabs and the Awesome Screen are optimized for tablets
  • Full-Screen Portrait Browsing: Firefox Beta takes advantage of large tablet screens so you can use the full screen to browse the Web, even in portrait mode. Tabs are listed in a top left menu and easily hide when you don’t need them
  • Tab Optimization: Tabs are shown as thumbnails in the left panel of Firefox Beta, allowing you to easily switch between tabs while still viewing full websites on the right. You can swipe to the left to hide tabs for a full screen view
  • New Action Bar with Quick Access Buttons: You can access Firefox Preferences, Add-ons, downloads and more in the new Action Bar menu (next to the Awesome Bar). The Action Bar adds back, forward and bookmark buttons for easy access
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MPL (Mozilla Public License) 
5.0/5 2
Mozilla Corporation
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Firefox Mobile - Controls viewFirefox Mobile - Sidebar viewFirefox Mobile - Main windowFirefox Mobile - Web navigatorFirefox Mobile - PluginsFirefox Mobile - Options
Mozilla Mobile (previously known as Fennec) is the mobile version of the popular Firefox web browser, from Mozilla!

Mozilla Mobile is a mobile web browser that content and application developers can target to create great software for mobile phones, rather than the plethora of native platforms and programming languages required to reach people in a mobile environment today. Any developer that has a minimum amount of skills in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript will be able to develop for mobile.

Mozilla Mobile brings a true Web experience to mobile phones and other non-PC devices, yet take advantage of the specific opportunities for new and useful user experiences enabled by mobility and telephony.

Last updated on August 28th, 2012

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