Fedora Digital Object Repository

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Fedora open source software gives organizations a flexible service-oriented architecture.




Fedora Digital Object Repository is an open source software which gives organizations a flexible service-oriented architecture for managing and delivering their digital content. At its core is a powerful digital object model that supports multiple views of each digital object and the relationships among digital objects.

Digital objects can encapsulate locally-managed content or make reference to remote content. Dynamic views are possible by associating web services with objects. Digital objects exist within a repository architecture that supports a variety of management functions. All functions of Fedora, both at the object and repository level, are exposed as web services. These functions can be protected with fine-grained access control policies.

This unique combination of features makes Fedora an attractive solution in a variety of domains. Some examples of applications that are built upon Fedora include library collections management, multimedia authoring systems, archival repositories, institutional repositories, and digital libraries for education.

What's New in This Release:

This is a significant release of Fedora that includes a complete repackaging as a proper Web application.
A new installer application makes it easy to setup and run.
It now uses Servlet Filters for authentication.
The Fedora repository can also be configured to calculate and store checksums for content.
The RDF-based Resource Index has been tuned for better performance.
A new high-performing RDBMS-backed triplestore has been developed that can now be plugged into the RI.
Last updated on January 26th, 2007

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