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Ethereal Realms is a concept web-based chat system based loosely on WBS and IFC which are both now defunct.




Ethereal Realms project is a concept web-based chat system based loosely on IFC and WBS which are both now defunct.

Originally Ethereal Realms began as a concept chat system, that attempted to emulate the World Broadcasting System (WBS) and Island Fortress Chat (IFC) sites, both of which now defunct. These sites had their strengths and weaknesses and where WBS was known for anonymity, IFC for its multi-user capabilities. The existence of Ethereal Realms existence hinged on success of creating an interface which merged the two systems creating a singular vision and to a point this succeeded.

This vision has grown significantly over the years incorporating more features outside of its original design and surpassing features that were found on either site. Today Ethereal Realms incorporates real time chatting capabilities, forums, polls, user homepages and a robust self-contained gallery component reminding people slighty of those offered on Elfwood.

During most of this time Ethereal Realms was also home to a thriving community in which the features existed to bring in fresh blood and create offshoot sites since the code was freely available. Unfortunately, external factors began to exert their pressure and forced the site to scale down considerably from what it had once been.

Now Ethereal Realms exists primarily as a method of showcasing the code itself. New features are added from time to time and while the scripts still work, they exist almost exclusively for testing purposes.

Here are some key features of "Ethereal Realms":


Chat Modes
Framed 1
Stream 1
Auto-scroll 1
Viewing modes
Full formatting
Limited formatting
Private Messaging
Single pane
Multiple recipients
Posts can traverse multiple realms
Quick target selection, no guessing
Automatically switch to offline messaging when user goes offline
Privacy features
Ability to hide using puppets/avatars
Choose to not receive private messages
Choose to hide contact information
Password protected realms
Private non-listed realms
Disabling multi-realm posts
Use of identifying session-based cookies can be disabled
Disable the display of your profile on a handle based case
Die Roller
Supports multiple systems and rules
Macros can be used to support one system exclusively
Sends publicly or privately
Save role plays and conversations for later
Post zooming for large posts or use as a staging area with a spell checker built in
Out Of Character (OOC) post filtering 18
See who is in the realm and in all public realms
Quick key access to various features
Automatically re-focused to the text box posting
Featured lameness filter to prevent the veritcal scrollbar from appearing
Automatic re-sizing of images to fit realm restrictions 14
Automatic tag and quote closing and corrections as to prevent bleed
Ability to kill streams at any time
Fully functional for both Javascript and non-Javascript users


Length limited bans with automatic removal
Customization through macros 15
Communications panel
Private message panel
Die roller panel
Auto-scrolling remote control
Splash page
Separator line
Realm header, footer framesets and banner
Adjustable language filter
Adjustable image restrictions
Designate moderators
Make use of Access Control Lists to designate access
Provide them with idenfitying features
System provides a way to keep track of warned trouble users
Control of optional location tags
Optional use of in house message boards with topics/redirect to a alternate board
Control over allowed font faces, sizes and colours
Selectable weather generator
Built in Really Simple Syndication (RSS) client
Host controlled canon handles
Nightly, detailed, mailed usage statistics, post extracts
Multiple realm access modes
Normal with people being selectively removed a specific amount of time
Reverse behavior of above, where people are allowed in instead of excluded.
Canon only realms, where hosts have full control on which characters are allowed to play.
Verified adults users only can enter the realm 19


Portal like interface
All components accessible from one screen
Ease of selection and speed for creation/entrance into realms
Macros allow to completely change the look and feel
Change user interaction completely by overriding javascript and widgets used
Simple and verified registration process 3
Quickly get into realms to play
Ability to see descriptions, ratings without entering realms
One user, multiple handle paradigm
Instant creation
Tag lines 16
Titles 16
Gummy selection list 7
Image size and dimension auto-detection
Macros allow overriding placement of components
Create new handles using anther's settings
Replicate changes from one handle to others effortlessly
Suspend existing handles to reduce clutter 2
Default handle for quick entrance
Switch from one handle to the other using the same window with no fuss
Simple selection of font face, color and size without prior knowledge of HTML 13
Default realm for quick entrance
System remembers settings of puppets and user without using cookies
Ability to change
Email address
Extensive contact information and profiles
Use session cookie for instant entrance
Set and configure contact information to be displayed from one source

Home Pages

Limited storage home page for personal image storage
Ability to resize images
Fully integrated in with the system
File maintenance
Edit HTML/Text files
Remove multiple files
Rename files
Upload multiple files
Resize images directly from the panel


Display of different types of works
Image based galleries
Text based galleries
Sort the galleries the way you want to
Alphabetical order
Date of release
Works rating
Manual sorting for ultimate control
Collaborative support
Contribute works from more then one person
Grant editoral capabilities to others
Support unlimited of works and galleries
Optional public display
Generation of PDF files for printing of text galleries
Built-in front end with SSI/SHTML extensions
Rotate random works through Javascript and CSS
Searching of works
Serve as a backend for live journal and comic users


Integration with existing list serve packages 4
Realm management
Ease of creation
Quickly promote and demote without loosing settings
Rapid removal and cleanup
Multiple genres available
Public 6
Hybrid 6
Font face, colour size management
Gummy management
User management
Change of passwords
User cross-reference reports
Removal and cleanup of accounts
Setting of access rights and verification
Homepage access and expiration
Management of master templates 8
Complete control over the look and feel of site
Template based system
Tags for fine tuning of design
Setting of access for hosting level access to realms
Detailed nightly administrative statistics
Weblog posting and submission
Topic filtering
Controlled amount of items to show
Comprehensive navigational system
Ability to see activity in real-time
Send out messages to all populated realms instantly notifying patrons
Creation of detailed auditing entries


Encrypted passwords
Random key/pair based parameter system
Encoded to allow for greater character sets
Stored server side for additional security and reduction of bandwidth utilization
Optional Blowfish/DES/IDEA encryption
Built in time-based kill switch
Additional periodical purging of server side parameters
Fully supports SSL encrypted pages
Access control lists
HTML filter
Restrictive, the purging of all HTML
Refined, allowing only blessed tags
Guest interface for new users simply testing the waters


Built-in community and realm message boards
Internal mail system, similar to an off-line private message
System announcement and news board

Message Boards and Forums

Self threading discussion style posting
Multiple threading modes
Time based Filtering
Email notification on responses
Ability to remove individual posts or threads
Time based filtering for posts
Topic separation for additional control
Integrated into the existing system
Read only views


Database driven
Mod_Perl capable
Load-balancing/Clusterable 17


Automated background script
Removes stale logins
Generates and sends out reports
Cleans and archives posts
Synchronization with an existing listserve
Display banner information outside of regular posting 9
Quick entrance to realms
Built-In Server Side Include/SHTML functionality
Realm listing
Weblog news events
Rotation of ads and gallery works
Browser Support 10
Internet Explorer
Lynx 11
WebTV 12

What's New in This Release:

Due to security concerns, certain cleanups in the OpenID 1.x support, listing of fortunes, use of LWPx::ParanoidAgent, and so forth had to be made in this release.
Last updated on April 11th, 2007

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