ErfurtWiki 1.02b

ErfurtWiki is an implementation of the WikiWikiWeb hypertext system (written in the PHP scripting language).

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Andy Fundinger and Mario Salzer
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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ErfurtWiki is an implementation of the WikiWikiWeb hypertext system (written in the PHP scripting language). It allows everybody who comes along to edit and create new pages very easily. A WikiWikiWeb allows its users to quickly and easily add or change pages. Its best use is for collecting information.

Here are some key features of "ErfurtWiki":

lite content management for a private homepage
personal online Notepad
instead of a forum / message board
long-distance brainstorming
knowledge base
reminder base for project associates
an introduction to programming
a wiki

What's New in This Release:

parts of the documentation have been moved into the new doc/ directory and new information snippets have been added: AdminTasksSql, LinkSpammers, MagicFields, SetupTool, Acronyms, ...
all regular plugins are now accompanied by .meta description files for more efficient management, dependency resolution and other purposes, a description of the simplistic format is in [doc/PluginMetaData]
three plugins (downloads, subpage) had to be renamed for filename uniqueness
the older SetupWizard has been adapted
a new console setup tool has been added, for faster config.php creation and monsterwiki plugin melting
the "ewiki.ini" scheme has been introduced for simpler configuration
many syntax and typo fixes
new fragments/ (printhint, head/core)
clickableimages patch documented and fixed,
new plugins: ini, diff_gnu_safemode (Menno Lodder), manpage export, userdb_xprofile, ext_multi (database-multiplex), ext_subwiki (database fragmentation and API level), debug/xerror, helptext, msg, limitlinks, anacron, captcha, feedparse, xml, http, http_cache, sync, libxprofile, webdav, upgrade.php (PHP5 compatibility/emulation), a_nofollow, new_nofollow, link targets, tabel_colspan (Marc Schiffbauer), AddComment, InlineFrame, FarInclude, RegisterSpam mpi, Syndicate (uses new feedparse backend), antibot_captcha, anitbot_checkbox and other anti-spam triggers, arrowadmin (Menno Lodder), pluginmetadata
new _ARCHIVE flag introduced (yet unused)
fixes in plugins: userdb_sql, toc, tex (Francois), email_protect (multi-engaging now prevented)
SqlQuery and BrainFuck mpi plugins are disabled again, escaping and back-conversion were added in the mpi core
multiple fixes to "db/any" for Postgres compatibility (a.o. Josh More/ AllianceT)
flat_files database backend had a non-critical fixed (redundant content:)
introduction of _config[ua] string and X-Server response header
the cron scripts have been extended and partly fixed
t_revert was corrected
introduced InterWiki plugins for neighbor pages, near links, sisterpages (all using the metadb data file)
completed first minimal WebDAV interface
splitting of the ewiki.php core script (future ver) has been prepared
internal changes: $title can be overriden from _interwiki() link tweak plugins, interxhtml URL checking fixed, _script_url() has been tweaked again (jbw), format bock 0x0040 flag handling fixed (Marc Schiffbauer), fix for random {flags} clearing in _PROTECTED_MODE, slightly larger default for "edit_box_size", WikiRegex underscore fix, image extension URL check, fix in ewiki_db::GETALL, ewiki_stripentities(), ewiki_form()
patch for userdb_ldap and method_http authentication methods (AllianceT)

Last updated on November 28th, 2007

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