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Download Manager project is a GNOME download manager.




Download Manager project is a GNOME download manager.

Download Manager (also known as downman) is a suite of programs that assist with downloading files. It features a GNOME 2 GUI.

Download Manager suite

downmand: a daemon that takes care of downloading files
downman: a command line client to downmand to add files for download
downman-gmonitor: a little window where you can drop urls
gdownman: (aka gnome download manager), a gui client to control downloads

Here are some key features of "Download Manager":

Gnome 2 GUI
Multiple projects
Speed limit for each download
Speed limit for each project

What's New in This Release:

Moved to gnome-vfs as the backend for the transfers.
s/download/transfer in the daemon.
Servers support, you can now limit the amount of connections to a server.
Ability to show/hide toolbar and statusbar in the GUI
Correctly update download speedlimit in the GUI
Show mime-type icons with the filename
Remove use of List (use GList instead)
Fixes & cleanups
Last updated on February 27th, 2007
Download Manager

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