Deadman's Redirect 7.82

Deadman's Redirect is a portal page creation system written in PHP.
Deadman's Redirect (DMR) is designed to replace whatever it is your browser loads when you click on the Home button in your browser.

DMR is a web-surfer's power tool that can be completely customized to fit the needs of the user, without being tied to a specific instance of a browser.

DMR users can create/use aliases to their favorite search engines, drop in URL's for redirection, search through the history of all URL's/commands that have been entered into DMR, make small reminders/notes, and edit the powerful template system used by DMR.

DMR templates are called Views. Views use regular HTML with some DMR-specific keywords to define how DMR looks when your browser renders it.

The View system has support for RDF headlines from your favorite site(s), seperate listings of notes, aliases, views and history, and even a fortune (UNIX fortune must be installed.)

Here are some key features of "Deadman s Redirect":

· Shell-like history functions
· User defined automatic history exclusion
· Shell-like aliasing with arguments
· RDF/RSS headlines
· Completely customizable interface
· Example aliases act as a front-end to various search engines


· A browser that supports cookies,
· PHP 4.0.4+ (with magic_quotes_gpc turned ON)
· rssparse requires PHP to be built with XML support

NOTE If you are upgrading your DMR from a version

last updated on:
May 5th, 2005, 14:47 GMT
license type:
Freely Distributable
developed by:
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Deadman's Redirect
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