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A simple PHP script that offers a more powerful user interface for browsing comic strips





Daily strip manager is a simple PHP script which offers more powerful user interface for browsing comic strips, downloaded by DailyStrips perl script, than static html pages.

Daily Strip Manager offers sorting, zooming to specific strip, duplicate control, keyboard navigation (2.0) and more. Nothing much for a quick PHP script, but it works for me.

DS Manager at this time only works with DailyStrips setup configured to put comic strip images in subdirectories using date as a filename (e.g. options -l --stripdir).

Images may actually end with whatever garbage but they MUST start with their full date in format specified in config.php, otherwise nothing would work at all.

You should also enable indexing and provide directory writable by PHP user to store indexes in, otherwise expect general slowness (probably this won't show much on some fancy-shmancy Xeon, but I use P3 as my web server, thank you very much.

DS Manager should itself (with all related files) be placed at the root of your strips collection, otherwise it won't work at all.

As of version 2.0, Daily Strip Manager uses XmlHttpRequest object, which adds dependencies on JavaScript and modern web-browsers (Mozilla flavours and IE6 seem to work fine, dunno about the rest). If you are somehow unhappy with this, use version 1.7 instead.
Last updated on June 24th, 2010
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