Cyclone3 3.0 RC1

Cyclone3 is a platform that enables you to create robust, well integrated and specialized applications of all kinds.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Roman Fordinal
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Cyclone3 project is a platform that enables you to create robust, well integrated and specialized applications of all kinds, not just Web/XHTML based applications.

All applications are based on open standards and technologies, primarily Perl and XUL.

What is a framework ?

Framework is an software infrastructure that is composed of various standard compliant software libraries, programs and utilities which are used in many of our software development projects. This ensures that all project behave according to standards and share the same unified basic structure.

Application framework

Set of standards and libraries which define common behavior and code for applications and enable seamless interaction between them.

Content management framework

CMF is an abstract Application Program Interface (API) which is used for content management purposes.

Multimedia framework

Comprehensive set of libraries, protocols and programs dedicated to sharing of multimedial content over computer networks. These include high quality and intuitive APIs for easy manipulation of many media formats.

Software framework

Software framework is a design concept and an API that is common for a type of software products. For example a third party "billing" system can be supplied by various software vendors but these systems often differ significantly. Software framework ensures that inside our applications they will behave identicaly.

Frameworks are used in every software development process as the interfaces they provide are often well tested and reliable. Also, features such "user management" provided by the framework can be easily customized and used in many projects. This reduces development time and costs.

Last updated on February 27th, 2007

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