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CyberDNS is a web-based application to manage DNS zones and BIND configurations easily. It lets you add entries and then watch as they are generated into zone and configuration files. It supports IPv6 and most DNS types. The Web interface runs on the master DNS server, and cron is used to synchronize the Sqlitedb and zone files to slave DNS servers. It is easy to make snapshots to revert in the event of failure.


1) edit variable TEMPLATE_DIRS to match the full path of the
   templates folder in this project.

2) create a folder for the dns zone files, for example /var/cyberdns_zones. Chown to
   your user. (chown pooya /var/cyberdns_zones)

3) create a folder for the backup of your config and zone files, for example
   /var/cyberdns_backups . Chown to your user (chown pooya /var/cyberdns_backups)

4) edit variables:

5) run ./ runserver from the cyberdns folder

7) open your browser to

8) add crons for synchronizing slaves and restarting bind as needed (see below).


- CyberDNS runs on the master DNS server.

- Make your dns modifications on the web and then choose Put Live!

- Once you "Put Live!", a file "restart_bind" will be touched in your ZONE_PATH and a backup will be made to
  BACKUP_PATH/YYYYMMDD.HHMMSS of everything in ZONE_PATH. In the event of meltdown, just copy your files back
  and restart bind to revert.

- You should add a cron like this as root on all DNS servers,
  which will restart named and flush changes when needed.
    */2 * * * * root ( ZONE_PATH=/var/cyberdns_zones && NAMED_CONF=/etc/named.conf
             -e $ZONE_PATH/restart_bind && -e $ZONE_PATH/named.conf &&
            cp -f $ZONE_PATH/named.conf $NAMED_CONF && service named restart &&
            rm -f $ZONE_PATH/restart_bind )

- The slave dns server should have crons to rsync the sqlite3 db over with zones and then restart named
  (it will restart since you have the cron above, which checks for the ZONE_PATH/restart_bind file)
    */2 * * * * dnsuser ( rsync -a -e ssh dnsuser@masterdns:/path/to/cyberdns/db/cyberdns.sq3 /path/to/cyberdns/db/cyberdns.sq3 &&
            rsync -a -e ssh dnsuser@masterdns:/ZONE_PATH/ /ZONE_PATH/ )

last updated on:
January 14th, 2010, 14:18 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Pooya Woodcock
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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