CoMoblog 1.1

CoMoblog is a community driven 'mobile orientated' blogging application.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
CoMoblog Team
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CoMoblog is a community driven 'mobile orientated' blogging application that allows you to blog to your website from any device that supports sending Emails. It essentially works as an email-to-blog gateway that supports rich document types such as HTML and Images

The CoMoblog project is a branch from the Easymoblog project. The original Easymoblog project was developed by Umberto Caldera and can be found at

One of the major advantages of CoMoblog's design is that it's 'modular'. The Community can write Modules which any user can install to add extended functionality to their Blog.

Modules exist to add Calendar's and RSS to the side menu bar's while others exist to add such functionality as searching. The possibilities are endless.

All credit for the original project goes to Easymoblog and Umberto.

What's New in This Release:

FEATURE: Ability to edit comments (1347626)
FEATURE: Ability to edit post ctypes
FEATURE: Initial support for 3g2 video
FEATURE: Support for posts with no subjects (1280303)
FEATURE: DB changes now supported in point-release upgrades (1378108)
FEATURE: Remove restrictions on post count limit (1387715)
MODULE: Updated mod_calendar to 1.1
MODULE: Updated mod_search to 1.1
BUG: Module upgrade tries to upgrade half-written modules
BUG: Module install/upgrade can fail without warning (1364384)
BUG: Comments don't handle quotation marks (1364093)
BUG: I.E. display bug with table layout (1314308)
BUG: More visible trackback icon for dark page backgrounds (1368650)
BUG: Date format issues with editing posts (1375731)
BUG: German spelling corrected (1383037)
BUG: Error in date-parsing in topic.php (1391334)

Last updated on January 11th, 2006

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