Cite 1.2 rev9

Cite enables Web developers to set up complete Web sites in very short time frames.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
Udo Schroeter
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Cite enables Web developers to set up complete Web sites in very short time frames. Cite project has all the functionality needed to create arbitrary site structures.

Trionic Cite is suited for many different user roles and usage scenarios:

For content editors
If you are the designated person to enter and modify the content of one or more websites, Trionic Cite will be your tool for the job. Once the website is up and running, Trionic Cite enables you to manage your content with ease.

For web designers
If you are a web designer or web developer, your work cycle will typically consist of planning, design, implementation, and deployment phases. Trionic Cite will be the platform that can take you very efficiently from design to implementation, and finally to deployment and maintenance. Standardizing your development process on Trionic Cite also means that you can easily handle a large set of simultaneous web projects and shorten the overall time frame from conception to roll out.

For website administrators
If your job is primarily to maintain one or several websites technically, Trionic Cite can be a valuable tool for you that allows easy and hassle-free administration to take place. Requirements and dependencies needed for Trionic Cite are minimal: just a standard web server with PHP (version 4.3 or higher), as well as access to a MySQL database (version 3.23 or higher) are required. Trionic Cite is cluster-ready and optimized for scalable performance. To assist you, we also offer a comprehensive support agreement called Trionic Cite Care, which guarantees you and your company quick response times of less than 12 hours.

For website owners
If you are the owner of a website, you want to have control over it at your fingertips. From the moment of inception, to the initial design decisions, and finally to the creation of the content that makes your site special, Trionic Cite is the valuable basis for your web solution. Combining flexibility and ease of use, with Trionic Cite you have a single, consistent platform that gives you complete control over style and content of your site.

What's New in This Release:

This is mainly a bugfix release, although there is also some new functionality.
You can now define new blocks programmatically in the interface/block_editors/ directory (instead of statically in the xx_blocks and xx_blockfields database tables).
A new block type, the media gallery, was experimentally added.

Last updated on October 13th, 2006

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