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Chimera is an X/Athena Web client for UNIX-based workstations.




Chimera is an X/Athena Web client for UNIX-based workstations. If you do not know about the Web then try to grab a FAQ from using ftp. Chimera is not built on Motif so does not require this.

See ./INSTALL for installation and configuration instructions.
See ./INSTALL.hints for tips on getting it to work in special cases.

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What's New in This Release:

· Chimera 1.70 contains many new features compared to 1.65p1+1:
· 1) Table support has been vastly improved.
· 2) mailto:user@host URLs are now supported (via an external Perl script).
· 3) Display refresh has been substantially optimized.
· 4) Image handling improvements speed up rendering, a lot in some cases.
· 5) DNS caching cuts domain name lookup calls by about 90%.
· 6) Connection progress is displayed in the Title area.
· 7) The "Host:" HTTP request header has been added.
· 8) A new toggle button, DeferPix, has been added that turns delayed image loading on and off (or you can type 'i' if you prefer).
· 9) If serious HTML command errors are encountered on a visited page, a small message saying so will appear at the bottom of the page.
· Chimera 1.70 also contains a long list of bug fixes, including these:
· Some 20 different memory leaks have been fixed, including all the major ones.
· Handling of excess "../"s in a relative URL has been fixed, and URL parsing in general has been greatly improved. The bug that a JPEG image in a file named *.gif would not only fail, but prevent ALL further image display has been fixed. A page's Title and URL are now restored in many cases where before they weren't.
Last updated on June 15th, 2006

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