CMS Builder 1.04

CMS Builder helps you create your own customized CMS in minutes, even if you've never installed a web script before.

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CMS BuilderCMS BuilderCMS Builder
CMS Builder helps you create your own customized CMS in minutes, even if you've never installed a web script before.

A content management system (CMS) lets non-technical users update their website content without learning any HTML or programming.

You don't need to be a programmer: whether it's for your own site or a client's project, even a novice web developer can easily create a custom system for managing your whole site.

In just a few clicks, you create an "editor" for managing your news articles, job postings, contact us page, or anything else. Create as many "editors" as you need, one for each page or section of your site, each with their own unique set of fields.

Once you've created a new "editor", CMS Builder generates your code. Paste the code into your page, right where you want the content to go. Unlike other content management systems, you won't compromise your design to work with the program. Instead, CMS Builder's simple interface makes it easy to customize the program to work with your existing site or your brand-new design.

What's New in This Release:

Private Labeling: Added "Private Labeling" menu to admin to make private labeling faster and easier.
Field Editor: Different upload fields can now have different upload directories
Field Editor: Upload fields can each have up to 5 different info fields (eg: Title, Caption, etc)

Private Labeling: Sublicensing clause in license is no longer displayed after private labeling.
Field Editor: Advanced Options are now always hidden until you click "show"
Field Editor: Clicking show or hide now displays or hides all option groups at once (to reduce clicks).
Field Editor: Option groups will stay opened for all fields until you close them again (or you close your browser).
Field Editor: Improved formatting and display of various options in IE7 ("display: table" css was unsupported in IE7)
Compatibility: Lowered required MySQL version to v5.0.15 for web hosts with older versions (First official MySQL 5 production release)
Compatibility: Added workaround for bug in MySQL v5.0.37 that prevents user from updating single menu records.
Compatibility: Removed hardcoded references to "admin.php" so web hosts requiring .php5 extension will work.
Section Editor: Renamed "Menu Editor" to "Section Editors"
Section Editor: Tablenames with leading underscores ("_likeThis") are no longer allowed and reserved for future use
Section Editor: Tablenames must now be all lowercase for compatibility (some servers are case sensitive, some aren't)
Upload Fields: Fixed an interface error with non-image file uploads that displayed a "division by zero" error message
Misc: Program version is now updated in settings when you install an upgrade

Last updated on December 13th, 2007

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