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CMME is a web content management system that is easy to use.





CMME (Content Management Made Easy) is a web content management system that is easy to use, doesn't have a lot of requirements and allows for reasonable flexibility. Have a look at the user manual if you want to see how it works


� PHP ≥5.0.15
� You need a hosting provider whom allows you to create and delete directories and create and delete files.
� You don't need a database.
� Your hosting provider must also allow HTTP requests through the fopen function call. CMME checks ones a day on, for new browser capability files. Newer versions will be put in the hstat subdirectory.


Installing CMME should be easy:

� First, you need to make sure that the hosting requirements (see section 'hosting requirements' on this page) are met.
� Next, you download the installation package of CMME.

Ja dan?

� You need to unzip the contents of this installation package and transfer all files in the package to your website (yes, also the ZIP file). Make sure:

That the di�rectory where you put them is empty.
Th�at the directory and it's subdirectories are writable.

� Now you point your webbrowser to the place where you have put your files.
� The installation will begin immediately. It will ask you some times to 'click here to continue'. Just follow the instructions.
� The last 'click here' will bring you to your CMME installation. You can start using CMME right away.

Here are some problems you can expect:

� Some hosting providers won't let you upload .ZIP files. In general, just don't host your CMME site there. If you can't host it elsewhere, you could try to unzip the file locally and upload all files independently. However, you can expect problems.
� Some hosting providers only let you upload .ZIP files, if they can unpack it for you. In general, this will work, if you upload the .ZIP file to the right directory, i.e. the same directory as the other files.
Last updated on May 21st, 2013

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