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Cataract Gallery Generator




CGG (Cataract Gallery Generator) is a simple static web photo gallery, designed to be clean and easily usable. Due to the static design, there's no way to comment pictures on the web.

CGG creates a set of HTML files and images from the source structure. Input files are structured in subdirectories, each directory may contain only one index XML file and the generated directory tree copies the source structure. All links to sub-galleries, items, descriptions and individual settings are specified in XML files. No more files other than global setup XML file are needed.

For convenience, sources contain the cgg-dirgen script, which creates an index XML template from images in current directory. That can be used as a skeleton of new album, writing down title, description and comments.

For detailed syntax of input XML files please check the sample gallery included in the source tree. It demonstrates basic features and contains detailed tag description inside the XML files.
Last updated on October 28th, 2009

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