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BrowseX is a free Open Source, cross-platform Web Browser, Mail Program, Talk/Chat client and more.





BrowseX is a free Open Source, cross-platform Web Browser, Mail Program, Talk/Chat client and more. There is a database interface, SQLite, and BrowseX is easily extensible via an API. BrowseX has been written primarily in C and Tcl and clearly demonstrates that Linux applications can indeed bridge to Windows. The user can also dynamically configure any widget, even form fields in web pages, on the fly using Shift-Control-mousebutton. You may also want to look at TML, a CGI and Web Script that BrowseX has built-in. The site now uses the TML CGI to display the BrowseX documentation as TML directly.

For the user, BrowseX has two principle characteristics: resilience and responsiveness. The first comes really as a side effect of using Tcl for all highlevel algorithms. Errors result in popup dialogs rather than crashes. Responsiveness is probably due to lightweight and the widget based implementation which forced clean interfaces between parts.

Precompiled binaries are currently provided for Linux and Win32. The binary is a single standalone executable, but which also contains the Tcl scripts: See Packaging. There is also a unified build script for Linux, for rebuilding from scratch.

Here are some key features of "BrowseX":

· HTML 3.2+ via tkhtml, with extensions (eg. Frames)
· Support for Safe-Tcl scripts embedded within HTML pages (popups, etc).
· A tcl-macro preprocessor for both client and server side.
· A built in Postgres Database client available from Safe-Tcl
· Image handling for gifs, jpeg, and png (+ disable/control Animated gifs)
· Background images and Image maps
· Multiple views, Frames, and Forms
· Cookies and basic authentication
· FTP and Local filesystem browsing
· Downloads: Http, ftp, and Image Save-as
· Proxy: FTP and HTTP
· View/search/save html and plain text
· Caching: web pages/gifs, and DNS lookups
· Go backward/forward, and the usual Netscape style key bindings
· Page History, and browse whole cache
· Bookmarks (minus bookmark editor)
· Printing to text/postscript output
· Applications: Editor, Calculator, Database (pgaccess)
· Mail with pop and local support: Mime and folder management
· Preferences/configuration
· Tcl Security Control: by domain or host
· Quick-Search: launch searches in 1 web operation, instead of 2+.
· SSL/TLS (minus certificate management)
· International Language Encodings (72)
Last updated on June 15th, 2006
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