Bauk HTTP server 2.0.22

Bauk HTTP server project is a high-performance Web server.
Bauk HTTP server project is a high-performance Web server. Bauk's advanced architecture and unique design provide high performance and many original features, ie. ability to serve unlimited number of Virtual Hosts/simultaneous HTTP connections per single server process without performance loss.

Full installation requires only a single directory of UNIX file system used as a working directory for Bauk executable. Configuration process is simple and performed by adjustment of Bauk configuration script.


This sofware is protected by VIL and the license states:
You're welcome to use this software. Remember the rightful author if you're using any parts/unique components of Bauk software.

Main features:

  • Full HTTP/1.1 and CGI/1.1 standard compliance
  • HTTP authentication, Basic method, auth script per Virtual Host
  • Unlimited number of Virtual Hosts without performance loss
  • Virtual Host aliases
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous HTTP connections per single Bauk process with no performance loss (Special Edition)
  • Persistent (Keep-Alive) connections
  • URL Path; define URL and path with type of access; ie. read, write, browse, execute, require HTTP authentication, etc.
  • OPTIONS, GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE methods of HTTP request defined by HTTP/1.1, configurable per URL Path
  • Content negotiation by client language and charset
  • Configurable MIME types
  • Configurable HTTP headers by MIME type
  • Configurable HTML error documents / CGI executables
  • Directory browsing; view content of directories with HTML links
  • Execution of CGI programs/scripts
  • SUID/SGID for CGI execution
  • Chroot for CGI execution; chroot CGI to Virtual Host's home
  • 3 security layers for CGI execution: by URL limit to X-only ie. CGI dir; for RX-URL imply X-only for X-able files; impose X-only by file extension ie. CGI executables wrongly placed and no X flag
  • Quotas for CGI execution; number of simultaneous CGI processes, execution priority, max execution time (duration), max CPU time, memory, filesize
  • Quotas of network traffic in/out per Virtual Host (I/O speed limit)
  • Quotas of connections per Virtual Host
  • Quotas of connections per client IP number
  • Access restriction by IP address; forbid and allow-only
  • Access restriction by valid HTTP referrer
  • Configurable HTTP-log format and location for Virtual Hosts
  • Configurable singleprocess or multiprocess architecture
  • Chroot for Bauk server process
  • Full configurability; virtually all Bauk features are configurable by simple configuration script adjustment
  • Easy configuration by script language; built-in configuration script interpreter with preprocessor, file-inclusion, block and single-line comments, two data types, variables, arithmetic operations and built-in functions
  • Easy administration
  • Flexibility

last updated on:
September 13th, 2012, 14:38 GMT
license type:
Other/Proprietary License
developed by:
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Bauk HTTP server
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What's New in version 2.0.19
  • This version includes new features, performance optimizations, enhancements for Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS), PHP, Perl, Python, and Tcl scripting, updated documentation, and changes to the tools and software included with the Bauk package
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