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Balayer is yet another web browser.




Only HTML, text and images are rendered. It has the peculiarity to be entirely written in Python, though based on many C-written pieces.

The idea of it came because I like Opera's way of browsing, but it is too buggy on Linux, so when I saw someone had written a HTML rendering widget with rather few dependencies, I decided to write my own web browser.

This has led me to write other software pieces that are needed to run balayer for the most part: python-gdkinput, python-cschtml, gladepyc. The latter was independant from Balayer at start, but finally I decided that Balayer would be a good demonstration for it; At the same time, I had to implement features in gladepyc to implement Balayer, so they both benefitted from each other.

Here are some key features of "Balayer":

· Single window navigation: web pages are displayed in a notebook rather than in separate Windows.
· Clicking on a link displays the new page systematically in a new tab, and does not focus it automatically. This is to ease parallel loading of pages.
· Non-blocking loading: you can continue viewing pages while documents and images are loading.
· Bookmark manager: shows and manage separate bookmark trees for each supported bookmark format. No native bookmark format, it uses others'. Planned: Opera, Lynx, Netscape.
· Should be quite fast and light (memory and disk footprint); At least it is on my host.


· Python (1.5.2)
· Gtk+ (1.2.8)
· gdk-pixbuf (0.9.0)
· libart (2.2.0)
· PyGtk (0.6.6)
· CscHTML (1.1.0)
· python-cschtml (0.5)
· python-gdkinput (0.5)
Last updated on June 27th, 2007

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