Assetgen 0.3.2

Asset generator for modern web app development
Assetgen is intended as a replacement for the various ad-hoc scripts that often get written to build/manage JavaScript/CSS files.

The tool is driven by the configuration you specify in an assetgen.yaml file, e.g.

# Example assetgen.yaml configuration


- js/base.js:
 - %(AMPIFY_ROOT)s/third_party/jslibs/json.js

- js/app.js:
 - static/js/
 - static/js/
 - static/js/
 - --define-from-module
 - consts
 - --define-from-module
 - consts-dev

- gfx/*:
 source: static/gfx/*
 type: binary

- css/site.css:
 - raw: |
 // Public Domain (-) 2011 The Ampify Authors.
 // See the Ampify UNLICENSE file for details.
 - static/css/site.sass
 - static/css/*.sass
 - static/gfx/*
 bidi: true
 embed.path.root: static
 embed.url.base: /.static/


- static/js/consts.js:
 source: static/js/
 compressed: false

- static/js/consts-dev.js:
 source: static/js/
 compressed: false

 NODE_PATH.prefix: static/js appengine/static
output.hashed: true
output.manifest: appengine/assets.json
 css.compressed: false
 js.compressed: false

You can even control which config options gets used by specifying the --profile parameter. This will override default values with the values specified for the given profile. So, in the above example, specifying --profile dev will use all the options.

And, finally, you can specify custom handlers for assetgen to call when generating a file of a given type. For example, to override the builtin js handler with one which just lower-cases all the source content, create your extension, e.g.

class KickassAsset(Asset):

 def generate(self):
 content = ''.join(read(source).lower() for source in self.sources)
 self.emit(self.path, content)

register_handler('js', KickassAsset)

Then run assetgen with the --extension path/to/ parameter specified.


Usage: assetgen [< path/to/assetgen.yaml > ...] [options]

 If you don't specify assetgen.yaml file paths, then `git
 ls-files *assetgen.yaml` will be used to detect all config
 files in the current repository. So you need to be inside
 a git repository's working tree.

 -h, --help show this help message and exit
 -v, --version show program's version number and exit
 --clean remove all generated files
 --debug set debug mode
 --extension=PATH specify a python extension file (may be repeated)
 --force force rebuild of all files
 --profile=NAME specify a profile to use
 --watch keep running assetgen on a loop

Main features:

  • Compiling CoffeeScript source files into JavaScript.
  • Minifying JavaScript through UglifyJS -- including the new constant folding support.
  • Compiling and minifying SASS stylesheets into CSS.
  • Generating variants of the same stylesheet for both internationalisation (flipping left to right) and for automatically embedding images as data: URIs to minimise latency.
  • Concatenating multiple source files into one file to minimise the number of HTTP requests.
  • Creating distinct files with the hash of the content embedded in the filename so as to work effectively with web caches.
  • Creating a JSON manifest file for use in your web app's static handlers.

last updated on:
August 7th, 2011, 4:22 GMT
license type:
Public Domain 
developed by:
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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