Aspen 0.25.3

A Python web server
Aspen is a web server written in Python.

Simplates are the main attraction.

Main features:

  • aspen.conf—Aspen can be configured via an aspen.conf file.
  • Colon Notation—Some aspen configuration files look for Python objects based on this notation.
  • Concurrency—Aspen supports both blocking and non-blocking concurrency models.
  • Command Line Interface—Learn how to drive the aspen console program.
  • Github—Aspen development is hosted on Github.
  • Hooks—Influence program execution on server startup and shutdown, and inbound and outbound HTTP.
  • IRC—The #aspen IRC channel is on Freenode. Here’s a web client if you need one.
  • Mailing List—The mailing list is on Google Groups.
  • MongoDB—This HOWTO demonstrates connecting to databases inside simplates.
  • Page Break—Aspen uses the ASCII page break character to great effect.
  • Quick Start—Install Aspen and start serving a basic website. Greetings, program!
  • Request—See Aspen’s Request object API.
  • Response—See Aspen’s Response object API.
  • Simplates—Simplates are Aspen's main attraction. Learn what they are and the basics of working with them.
  • Templating—Aspen uses Tornado templates for the template page of a simplate.
  • Thrash—For development, Aspen can be configured to die when important files change. Thrash is a utility to restart it.
  • Virtual Paths—Aspen translates URL paths like /wawa/foo.html to filesystem paths like ./%name/foo.html.

last updated on:
September 25th, 2012, 6:24 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Chad Whitacre
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
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