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Aejaks is a windowing toolkit for rapid development of AJAX-enabled Web applications.





Aejaks is a windowing toolkit for rapid development of AJAX-enabled Web applications. It combines the powerful simplicity of the Tcl language with the Java-based Echo2 browser-independent windowing system.

Aejaks applications are written in a single scripting language, without need to write any HTML, Javascript, or CSS. The project borrows from the Tk windowing system, but is not directly compatible with Tk. It runs on top of any Java Web server, and can make use of any existing Java library.

Simplify Ajax programming

Programming modern Ajax-based web applications generally means writing code in a number of languages: Javascript for the interface, Java, PHP, Tcl, Ruby, Python, etc. for the backend, along with a healthy dose of XML, CSS & DHTML. �jaks lets the same applications be written with a single scripting language, Tcl.

A thin layer over Echo2.

Echo2 is a Java based windowing toolkit for building Ajax-enable applications. �jaks translates most of the Echo2 Java objects into Tcl objects, but provides many shortcut features, such as anonymous object construction for attribute-type objects.

Tk inspired object interface

Tk set the standard for programming windowing applications from a scripting language. �jaks borrows from Tk (but is not compatible with Tk.) Most notably, widget creation commands are direct implementations of the underlying Echo2 objects. �jaks also follows the Tk model of grouping widgets according to their packing hierarchy.
Last updated on October 19th, 2012

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