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Advanced Website Creator is a Web development environment.





Advanced Website Creator is a Web development environment. Created websites use an MVC framework written in PHP 5 and a simple database abstraction layer.

At present the database layer supports MySQL and PostgreSQL as backends. All PHP classes are auto-loaded, so there is no need to include() or require() files manually.

Here are some key features of "Advanced Website Creator":

· MVC framework similar to Java Struts.
· All MVC configuration is done through a web interface. No need to edit arcane .xml files.
· A database abstraction layer, with support for the PostgreSQL and MySQL database servers.
· Autoloading of all library and user PHP classes. No need to use include() or require().
· Integration with most popular PHP encoders.
· Full source code is available for the PHP runtime framework.


· Apache with mod_rewrite support
· Linux with GLIBC 2.1+ support
· PHP 5.0+ with IonCube loader
· PostgreSQL 8.0+

What's New in This Release:

· HTML code generated by the runtime framework was changed to be XML 1.1 compliant.
· List values no longer have a 64 character length limit.
· Several bugs in the VADE wizard that could cause it to generate incorrect code were fixed.
· A bug in the FORM wizard that could prevent it from correctly displaying error messages was fixed.
Last updated on September 8th, 2007
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