Advanced Web Ranking 3.9.2

Advanced Web Ranking tracks the position of your website in the search engines.

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Advanced Web RankingAdvanced Web RankingAdvanced Web Ranking
Advanced Web Ranking tracks the position of your website in the search engines and shows where your competition is ranked compared to your site.

Here are some key features of "Advanced Web Ranking":

Unlimited number of projects.

If you are a SEO and your customers require a large amount of reports, then Advanced Web Ranking is the clever choice. There is no real limit when it comes to creating projects.

Unlimited number of URLs and keywords in a project.

If your business requires vast projects, with hundreds or thousands of URLs and keywords, then Advanced Web Ranking is the right solution. With Advanced Web Ranking there is no limit to the number of URLs and Keywords in your projects.

More than 300 international and local search engines.

Using Advanced Web Ranking there is no need to worry about the resources of your localized activity. You can choose your favorite search engine from more than 300 available search engines.

Uses Google API to search on Google.

The safest way to search on Google is through their own tool: Google API. Advanced Web Ranking allows you to use Google API, by simply providing a valid key.

Uses Yahoo API to search on Yahoo.

With Advanced Web Ranking you can search on Yahoo through Yahoo API, a totally risk-free tool, by simply providing AWR with a valid key.

Uses Google Suggest to help you find relevant keywords on Google.

Allows you to use the Google suggestions for the 10 most searched for keywords starting with the letters you're typing. With this tool, it's just easy to find out what most users search for and improve your keywords.

Generate keywords for your projects.

Use the keywords builder to create combinations of keywords, starting from the words you provide. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can create, as this tool will provide you with all possible solutions when it comes to keyword building.

Friendly to Search Engines and their resources.

One of the most search engine friendly product on the market, Advanced Web Ranking offers a whole set of features that make the interaction between you and the search engines as safe as possible.

Safe to use for users: no URL data being sent to search engines.

With Advanced Web Ranking you don't run the risk of having your IP banned, as no local information is sent to search engine while they are being queried. Advanced Web Ranking will simply pick the necessary information from the search engines and create meaningful reports.

Stop the update if the URL is found.

With the help of this feature, Advanced Web Ranking helps you avoid unnecessary querying of the search engines and increase the update speed, by stopping the data gathering when the URL has been found.

Search engine auto-updates within 48 hours when page or query format changes.

This service allows you to always keep your search engines working, by constantly updating search engines definitions.

Automated checks and updates when new search engines definitions are released.

Advanced Web Ranking automatically announces you when new search engines definitions have been released.

Operation indistinguishable from that of a regular web browser.

Advanced Web Ranking queries the search engines just like a user browsing for information, without causing unnecessary traffic.

Tracking of the progress of your rankings over time.

Check the evolution of your rankings over time, by constantly updating your reports.

Powerful, highly customizable graphical ranking reports (charts).

Create powerful and highly customizable graphical report to help you better see the results of your SEO work.

Powerful, highly customizable tabular ranking reports.

Create powerful and highly customizable tabular reports, in order to have the data sorted to meet your criteria.

Assign colors to URL.

Assign different colors to your and your competitors' URLs in order to better view the rankings in the final results.

Assign colors to keywords.

Assign different colors to keywords in order to categorize them by importance and easily detect them in the list.

Apply Page Markers to your graphical charts.

Helps you apply page markers to your graphical charts and visually divide them into segments of interest.

Function from behind a firewall, gathering data through a proxy server.

Use Advanced Web Ranking from behind a firewall or through your proxy server, by providing it with the settings of your proxy connection.

Optimized bandwidth usage with simultaneous multithreaded searches.

Advanced Web Ranking allows you to update multiple projects at a time without eating all your bandwidth.

Backup and Restore functionality for project data.

Allows you to avoid data losses and move data from one machine to another through its Backup&Restore features.

Custom search for localized Search Engines for both language and country.

Allows you to search on localized search engines, using localized language and encodings.

Import keywords from a file and from the META tag of a website.

Import relevant keywords from either local files or websites in order to improve the relevance of your URls' content.

Export keywords from projects to local files.

Export keywords from projects to local files in order to either save them or later import them into new projects.

Import URLs from either files or web pages.

Easily create projects by importing URLs from either local files or relevant web pages.

Export URLs from projects to local files.

Export URLs from projects to local files in order to either save them or later import them into new projects.

Import historical data from Web Position Gold projects.

Easily import data from your Web Position Gold projects in order to keep your older projects up to date.

Schedule project updates at the time and date of your choice.

Don't worry about manually updating your projects. Just schedule your project updates using Advanced Web Ranking's scheduler.

Runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris and more.

Use Advanced Web Ranking on your favorite operating system through it's unique cross-platform compatibility.

Localization: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Advanced Web Ranking comes with a customizable interface for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish speaking users.

30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you have a 30-day period of unconditional refunding.

12 months free maintenance plan (product and search engines updates).

Advanced Web Ranking comes with a one-year free maintenance plan which includes product and search engines updates.

Free email support.

Receive free email technical support any time you may experience problems with Advanced Web Ranking.


15-day trial version

What's New in This Release:

Updated data gathering progress
Improved speed of preferences dialog

Last updated on June 10th, 2005

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