Abyss Web Server X1 2.5

Abyss Web Server is a compact web server available for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Aprelium Technologies
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
Abyss Web Server software is a compact web server available for Linux, Windows, MacOS X and FreeBSD operating systems.

Despite its small footprint, it supports HTTP/1.1, dynamic content generation through CGI/1.1 scripts, ISAPI extensions, Server Side Includes (SSI), custom error pages, password protection, IP address control, anti-leeching, and bandwidth throttling.

It features also an automatic antihacking system as well as a multilingual remote web management interface that makes its configuration as easy as browsing a web site.

Here are some key features of "Abyss Web Server":

· Virtual hosting (support for many hosts on a single computer)
· ISAPI extensions support
· Custom directory listings
· Multilingual remote web configuration interface (console)
· Unicode support
· Automatic anti-hacking system
· Anti-leeching system to control cross-site linking
· Server-wide bandwidth control
· Per file and per directory bandwidth control
· Windows System Service, MacOS X Startup Item, and Linux/FreeBSD daemon support


· Linux for Intel x86 (any modern distribution - needs GLIBC 2.1 or later - Kernel 2.0 or later)

What's New in This Release:

· This version adds secure SSL/TLS connections (HTTPS) support and an integrated interface to manage, import, self-sign, and request the signature of SSL certificates.

Last updated on September 23rd, 2007

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