AJAX Book Reader 1.00

AJAX Book Reader is a complete AJAX client-server application.
AJAX Book Reader is a complete AJAX client-server application that may be used with a Web browser to display a sequence of text files one page at a time.

The display style is completely controlled by a configuration file. The first application of this is as a book viewer where each chapter resides in a seperate text file.

AJAX Book Reader application is also suitable for any case where it is not practical to show all of the text to be displayed at once in the browser window.

It is assumed there is a directory that contains text files named [book][chapter]#.[ext]
and directory has been assigned to the '$shelf' variable in .pt-config
and [book] is 1 to N characters to identify a collection of chapters
and [chapter] is the chapter seperator (default='c')
and # is the 0 based chapter number
and [ext] is the extension of the text files (default='.txt')
and each file contains one chapter of text
and there is optionally a chapter index file [book].lis
in the shelf directory where the first line is the title of the book
and the second line is the author's name
and subsequent lines are the chapter names

It is further assumed that read.php contains the div tags < div > with an id of title, where the book's title will be placed author, where the author's name will be placed navbar, where the page/chapter navigation controls will be placed page, where the text of the page will be placed

.pt-config should be changed to suit your preferences but there is nothing else especially designed to be user configurable in the other files

last updated on:
January 27th, 2006, 15:41 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Michael Thompson
ROOT \ Internet \ HTTP (WWW)
AJAX Book Reader
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