Bubble trouble 2

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A sequel to the hit online game Bubble Trouble





Bubble Trouble 2 : Rebubbled, also known as Bubble Struggle II, is a sequel to the hit online game Bubble Trouble.

In this online game you can choose the Staying Alive mode or the classic Single Player mode. In Single Player mode, you have to pop the bubbles before they hit you and every level gets harder and harder.

What makes the levels hard is that the bubbles get bigger and bigger and you have to keep popping the each bubble until they completly gone. The bigger ones get smaller and smaller until they are so small, one hit and they are done. Now mix that with multiple large bubbles, and you're in trouble.

The Staying Alive mode is a never ending bubble frenzy with increasing difficulty. Instead of trying to beat levels, you are simply just going for a Bubble Trouble highscore. Enter your name in for a highscore ID and begin playing!

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2012
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