Aviary Effects Editor

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Apply awesome effects to your photos or build your own!




Aviary's Effects Editor web app does so many amazing things that we call it our "Visual Laboratory."

With superior depth and endless possibilities like dragging, dropping, and connecting generators, effects, resources, and controllers, this tool cannot be matched on the web.

Users can create absolutely stunning art by combining terrains, patterns, computational effects, and more. Exploring the depth and infinite possibilities of our Effects Editor would take a lifetime. The spectacular results speak for themselves!

*Note: This application is not an extension, so it will not appear on your browser's toolbar after installation. Shortcuts to all Chrome web apps can be found by opening a new tab - you'll see thumbnails for all your installed apps there!*

Example Uses:

* Creating stunning effects and custom filters for your images
* Creating beautiful marketing designs from scratch
* Making photography filters
* Generating organic textures
* Making a 3d stereogram
* Generating terrain
* Creating metal textures
* Making mobile wallpapers
* Creating abstract art
Last updated on July 5th, 2011
Aviary Effects Editor

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